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1. An Introduction to World Machine 2一个关于World Machine 2的介绍

World Machine 2 is the successor to the popular World Machine terrain editing tool. It radically expands the available features and abilities while keeping all of the power that made World Machine unique.

World Machine 2是一个成功和受欢迎的 World Machine地形编辑工具。它彻底覆盖了所有的特征和功能.它无疑是独一无二的World Machine

Proceduralism: The fundamental difference程序化:根本区别

Forget what you know about editing terrains. Unlike many other terrain editors that function like paint programs, World Machine operates on a procedural level. A World Machine world file is not the terrain, but the steps that creates the terrain. This is the source of both its power and its complexity.

忘记你以前知道的地形工具吧!和其他地形编辑工具不一样的是,World Machine 就像是一个绘图程序。 World Machine开创了一个程序标准。一个World Machine 世界文件不仅是一个地形,而且还包含有创建地形的步骤,这就是它为什么有能力和复杂性的原因。

When working in World Machine, your role is to determine the overall appearance and characteristics of the terrain, and then allow the generators and effects to create and detail the appearance of your world. This way of working and thinking at a higher level takes some getting used to, but the rewards are huge: You can create impressive terrains with relatively little work, and once you have created a terrain that you like, you can use the same world file with different random "seeds" to produce a different terrain with the same feel.

当你使用World Machine时, 你的任务是确定这个地形的外观和不变性, 特别是当你考虑用generators(生成器)和effects(效果器)去创建一个精细的世界外貌的时候. 这种思考的工作方式相对来说是一个较高层次的,不大容易习惯的方式, 但是我们有巨大的收获: 你可以用极少的时间创建一个给人印象深刻的地形, 并且一旦你创建了你喜欢的地形, 你可以使用相同的世界文件和不同的随机“种子”去产生另一个相同感觉的地形.

The tradeoff in computer graphics for this is usually a lack of control over terrain feature placement; but WM2's Layout Mode allows you to work in a more artistic fashion, plotting out the terrain as roughly or precisely as you like. The ability to determine for yourself the level of control you wish is one of the great new abilities available to you as an artist.

权衡在计算机图形学中,通常是缺乏控制地形地貌的布局位置;但是 WM2 的布局模式 可以使你更时尚的工作, 你可以根据你自己的喜欢,粗略或精确的分配地形. 取决你自己的能力.你希望他是一个最伟大的功能对你作为一个艺术家来说。

Concepts you should know你应该知道的概念

World Machine operates on worlds. A world is simply the collection of steps used to create the terrain, as well as information about areas to view, detail level, and so on. These steps are referred to as devices, and each device will perform some operation on the world. The workview is where you can see and change the devices (steps taken). World Machine retains a preview of each device at all times that is displayed when that device is selected. To create a final product, you must build the world, which creates a high resolution version of the world according to the instructions that the devices provide.

World Machine 对世界来说.一个世界是通过简单步骤的采集来创建地形的 。以及有关的信息视图,详细级别,诸如此类。这个步骤被称为 devices(暂译为“设备”),每一个 device 将要在世界里完成一些操作。你可以在 workview (工作视图)里改变这些devices(“走几步路”)。当 device 被选择时, World Machine 会一直保持预览每个 device 的显示。想要创建一个完美的世界产品,你必须根据这个device 提供的介绍创建一个高分辨率版本的世界。

In the next chapter, you'll learn how to use the device workview and interact with devices to create your world.

下一章节.你将要学到 device workview(设备工作视图)和用devices间的相互作用创建你的世界

The Starting World开始世界

When you first start World Machine, you'll see a screen like the below:

当你第一次打开World Machine你会看到以下的屏幕:


Each aspect of the screen above will be visited in great detail in later chapters. The most important point is to understand how each of the basic concepts relates to what you can see:

屏幕上方的每一个方面在以后的章节中我们会极详细的一 一拜访. 最重要的一点是怎样去理解,怎么使你看到的与基础的概念关联起来:

  ● The world is the contents of the device workview (the screen visible above)

  ● The devices are the small colored blocks; there are three of them in the photo above.

  ● The black lines between blocks are wires, showing the order that actions are taken in and the way they're combined.

  ● World Machine is displaying a preview of the currently selected device in the upper-left corner

  ● To build the world, you must choose the Build option from the menu or toolbar, which will bring up a progress report dialog while calculations are being performed. Once the world is built, you can then export the terrain as mentioned in Chapter 6.

  ● device workview是世界的组成部分(屏幕上方可以看见)

  ●小的颜色块就是 devices; 它们在这三个面板上.

  ● World Machine在左上角显示这个被当前选择的device的预览状态

  ●块之间的黑色线条是电线 .通过它们之间结合的方式,显示的命令和动作就会被执行。

  ●对于创建世界, 你必须从这个菜单工具栏选择这个创建选项, 当运算被执行的时候,将会弹出一个进度报告对话框. 一旦世界创建, 那么你可以导出这个地形.在第六章中我们会提到

You can select any device and see what the terrain looks like at that point by clicking on it. If you like learning by exploration, there is a large collection of various example files sorted by difficulty in concepts in the "/Examples" folder under your World Machine installation. Otherwise, continue reading below about how to use the Device Workview and what it all means.

你可以选择任意一个device 然后点击它,观察地形在那个时刻的变化。如果你想继续探究,这里有大量各种各样内容的例子文件,根据不同的概念分类。在你World Machine 安装文件的 "/Examples" 文件夹里。否则,你可以继续阅读下面的关于怎样使用Device Workview(设备工作视图)的全部思想内容。