World Machine中文翻译帮助手册

  10. Session Files会话文件

  Session files allow you to save the current build status of the devices in your World Machine world. When you next open the TMD, the build results will be automatically restored.

  会话文件允许你保存设备在当前 World Machine里的构建状态。在你下次打开TMD时,构建结果将自动恢复.

  Saving a Session:保存一个会话:

  Saving the current world is simple. The only prerequisite is that the world must have a non-trivial number of devices built. If this is so, when you close a world file or attempt to exit the program, you will be asked if you want to save your current session.

  保存当前世界很简单。 唯一的前提是,这个世界一定是一个有比较复杂的设备数量。如果是这样,当你关闭一个世界文件时,或试图退出程序时,系统会提示你是否要保存当前会话.

  Restoring a Session:恢复一个会话

  The session file is saved in the same folder as the .tmd file, with an extension .tmd.session. Any time a file is loaded, World Machine will check to see if a session file is present, and if so it will load it as well.

  会话文件保存在同一文件夹作为.tmd文件,扩展名为.tmd会话。任何时间加载文件,World Machine将检查是否存在一个会话文件,如果有也会加载它.

  You can choose either to remove the session file once the world is loaded, or leave it on disk. The latter option is most useful if you are merely loading the world to re-export or inspect options and want to retain the session information.


  World Machine has a separate most-recently-used menu for your sessions to help you keep track of what files you have sessions retained for.

   World Machine有一个单独的recently-大多数使用的菜单,可以帮助你跟踪你保留的会话文件.