World Machine中文翻译帮助手册


  There are still more resources for additional help with World Machine.

  还有更多额外的 World Machine资源帮助.

  By far the best resource is the Community Forums. It is a place that World Machine users can gather to ask questions, trade tips, and get help with using WM.

  迄今为止最好的资源社区论坛。World Machine用户可以收集提问,互相交换技巧,和获取有关使用WM的帮助的地方.

  The Help section of the World Machine website will also list any new tutorials and other resources available to you to help learn how to use this software!

 World Machine帮助章节网站还将列出任何新的教程和其他资源向你提供,以帮助学会如何使用这个软件!