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  7. Bitmaps and Textures位图和纹理贴图

  New in World Machine 2 is the ability to work with bitmaps and textures. Concepturally, a bitmap consists of 3 color channels (Red, Green, Blue). These color channels can be manipulated together, or split apart and processed on a per-channel basis as if they were heightfields.

  World Machine 2具有位图和贴图材质的能力.概念上来讲,一个位图有三种颜色通道组成(红,绿,蓝).些颜色通道可以操纵在一起,或分开和处理每一个基础通道就好像是高度域.

  Most devices in World Machine only operate on heightfields. However, some will work on both heightfields and bitmaps, and a few are designed for bitmaps alone.


  You can see Bitmap-only devices by using the Filter by Type option on the Tools tab of the toolbar.


  The RGB tab on the toolbar then displays all compatible devices:



  7.1 Creating Color创建颜色

  The simplest way to produce color is using the Color Generator device:


  It produces a single color of your choice. By combining several colors via a Chooser or Combiner device and Chooser masks, you can achieve many different blending possibilities for texturing.


  In the example network above, several Selector devices (purple) are being used to pick out various regions of the terrain (such as high slopes, low elevation, and so on), and then merge together various colors based upon that.


  There are additional methods you can use to create colors. For example, you can import a tiled texture by using a File Input device and setting an appropriate scale and tiling behavior, as shown below:


  Which overlayed atop the terrain would look like the below:


  Of course, once the texture is imported into the world, it can be combined with other textures and colors as much as you want, to produce very rich and complex texture maps.


  7.2 Working with Color Channels使用颜色通道

  You can combine several heightfields together with a channel combiner to create a single bitmap data packet.


  If you want to use a heightfield operator that doesn't support bitmaps (such as the Expander device), you can break apart the bitmap into either RGB or HSL channels, operate on one or all of the channels, and then recombine them using a Channel Combiner.


  7.3 Overlaying Bitmaps atop a Terrain叠加位图于地形

  If you want to view a bitmap or texture atop a terrain, you can use the Overlay View device to combine the two for display.

  如果你想预览一个位图或纹理贴图,你可以使用 Overlay View 设备去组合这两个来显示.

  By creating your texture from mask data derived from the terrain, you can create realistic (or completely stylized) texturing for further export.


  The example above uses some simple elevation and slope-based texturing, along with the flow map output from the Erosion device to create the "snail-trail" watercourse effect.

  以上示例使用一些简单的高度和斜坡纹理.伴随流程图输出从 Erosion(侵蚀)设备来创建"snail-trail"河流效果.

  7.4 Specialty Devices专业设备

  There are two special purpose devices available that produce RGB output as well: A Lightmap Generator and a Normalmap Generator.


  7.4.1 Lightmap Generator光照贴图

  The Lightmap Generator creates a greyscale or colored lighting map from a source terrain.


  7.4.2 Normalmap Generator法线贴图生成器

  The normalmap generator encodes the terrain normal into an RGB texture; each direction component of the normal is mapped to a color; (R=X, G=Y, B=Z) is the default encoding. This information can be then used over a low-resolution mesh, giving much of the feel of a high resolution terrain with a fraction of the geometry data.

  该法线贴图生成器将正常的地形编码为一个RGB纹理;每个正常的方向元件被映射到一种颜色;(R=X, G=Y, B=Z) 是默认编码. 此信息可以在低分辨率网格上使用,给于高分辨率地形的感觉与几何体数据的一小部分.