Filter Device - Simple Displacement 过滤设备 - 简单位移


The Displacement device acts horizontally on the heightfield to push around or smear pixels. There are multiple names for this operation; you will see it commonly called Distortion, Warping, or Displacement; they are all names for the same thing. Displacement can produce some wild looking terrain; rock can seem to be pulled like taffy or be bowed and wavy. The kind of effect that the Displacement device produces is highly dependant on the features of the terrain connected to the second input.

高度场上的水平位移装置行为来推动或涂抹像素。 此操作有多个名称,你会看到它通常被称为扭曲、变形或取代;他们都是为了同一件事。 位移会产生一些野生的地形;岩石似乎像软糖或波浪。这种位移装置产生的效果是高度依赖于连接到第二个输入地形的特点。

Direction The direction that the terrain should be displaced towards, in degrees. 0 is to the left, 90 is down, 180 is to the right, and so on.
方向 地形的方向应向流离失所,以度为单位。0是在左边,下降90,180号是在右边,等等。
Strength The amount (distance) that the terrain will be displaced.
强度 数量(距离),它的地形将取代。
Centered When checked, the Distortion Amount map values below 0.5 will pull the terrain, and above 0.5 will push the terrain. When unchecked, all values will push the terrain.
居中 选中时,变形量低于0.5的值会拉动地形的地图,和在0.5以上将推动地形。在选中时,将推动地形的所有值。
Edge Handling What to do when a height value is needed that lies beyond the terrain quad.
边缘处理 当一个高度值超出地形四边时的位置是需要做些什么。
Repeat edge values: Out of bound areas are clipped to the edge values of the terrain quad.
重复边缘值: 界外区域的边缘夹地形的四边.
Mirror interior values: Out of bound areas are filled with a mirrored copy of the terrain quad.
内部反射值: 界外地区是充满了地形故障的镜像副本.