Utility Device - Multi Combiner 实用性设备 - 多重组合


The Multi Combiner is usually paired with a Multi Splitter. It is most useful for Macro creators.
Although the Multi Combiner has multiple inputs, it will only actually use the data from one of them. That data will be passed along untouched to the output port. The input port that is to be used is specified by the Input Choice parameter.
This is useful if you have several effects-paths within the macro. To save processing power and memory, you can disable all but the currently selected path using a Multi Splitter and Multi Combiner pair.

虽然多合成具有多个输入,它实际上只会使用他们的沿着不变的数据。,将数据传递到输出端。 输入端口,它将使用指定的输入参数的选择。

Number of Inputs Set the number of inputs the device will possess.
输入数量 设置输入设备将拥有数目.
Input Choice Specify the port number of the input that will be passed on to the output.
输入选择 指定输入,它将被传递到输出的端口号.