Filter Device - Terrace 过滤设备 - 梯田


The Terrace device creates evenly spaced terraces (level areas) in the input terrain. This can be used to simulate exposed rock strata layers, a river eroding multiple bank levels, and much more.

输入地形时梯田设备创建均匀梯田(地区级) 这可以用来模拟岩石地层,河流侵蚀多个库级别,以及更多.

Terrace Method Each terracing method produces a different looking terrain; They influence what kind of slopes the terraces consist of.
露台函数 每个梯田方法会产生不同的地形;山坡梯田的效果包括.
Simple: Simple terraces are just completely flat, level areas seperated by near-vertical jumps between levels. They are the least realistic looking, but can be useful for special effects.
简单 简单的梯田就是完全平坦,水平的地区之间的分隔近在垂直与水平之间跳动。他们是最逼真的,但可以用于特别的效果。
Sharp: The default method, Sharp produces a distinct sharp edge at the top of the terrace, with a smooth lower edge.
锐利: 默认方法,锐利产生一个独特的锋利的边缘顶部的平台,平滑的边缘。
Smooth: The smooth method has smoothed edges on both the top and bottom. It gives a much "softer" feel than the Sharp method, which may or may not be desired.
光滑: 平滑方法具有平滑边缘顶部和底部。它提供感觉比锋利更"softer"的方法,而不是简单地预期。
Number of Terraces The number of terraces to carve into the terrain, divided up evenly across the entire 0..1 height range.
梯台数 梯田的数量雕刻成地形,在整个0..1均匀地划分高度范围。
Terrace Shape For the 'Sharp' and 'Smooth' styles, this parameter ultimately controls the strength of the terracing. A Value around 0.5 produces no terracing at all, but great or lesser values slowly introducing the terraces into the terrain until they reach maximum effect.
梯台形状 对于'Sharp'和'Smooth'风格,最终此参数控制梯田的力度 。一个值0围绕.5根本不产生梯田,但慢慢地大或小的值将梯田引入地形,直到达到最大的效果。