Selector Device -Slope Selector 参数设备 - 斜坡选择器

Available in all Editions

The Slope Selector is used to create a mask that hilights areas of the terrain that have a particular slope. The output will be full strength (white) in those sloped areas and zero strength (black) outside of it. There is a controllable falloff amount that blends between the fully selected and fully-unselected areas.

斜坡选择器被用来创建一个遮罩区域的地形,它有一个特殊的斜率。 在那些倾斜的区域中,白色区域将以完全的强度输出,而它外面的黑色区域是零强度输出, 在完全选择的和完全没有选择的区域之间有一个可控的衰减量。

Slope Sliders The slope sliders define a range of two slope. All areas with slopes between these two will be selected.
斜坡滑块 斜坡滑块定义了两个斜坡的范围。将选择这两者之间的斜率。
Fuzziness Areas outside of the exact slope range specified will be partially selected based upon the strength of the fuzziness slider.
模糊性 根据模糊滑块的强度,在指定的斜率范围之外的区域将被部分选择。
Falloff Type
Linear: The fuzziness curve is a linear curve.
线性: 模糊曲线是一个线性曲线。
Exponential: The fuzziness curve is an exponential curve (steep falloff at first, slow decay farther away).
指数: 模糊曲线是一条指数曲线(陡峭衰减逐渐变缓)