Natural Filter Device - Snow 自然过滤设备 -


The Snow device simulates the accumulation of snow on the terrain. By varying the parameters, you can achieve results ranging from a slight dusting of snow to glacial accumulations. Note that unlike texture-based snow, the Snow device performs simulations and actually modifies the terrain heights, producing a very realistic snow effect.


Intensity Intensity controls the amount of snow deposited during a given period of time during the simulation. Larger values will accumulate more quickly; smaller values will settle faster into gullies in the terrain.
强度 强度控制在给定时间内沉积在模拟期间的降雪量。较大的值会更快地积累; 较小的值会解决更快的进入沟谷地形。
蒸发平衡 蒸发平衡将控制雪多快从地形相对于雪强度的蒸发。值1.0表示雪是以同样的速度蒸发沉积。
Evaporative Balance The evaporative balance controls how fast snow will evaporate from the terrain relative to the snow intensity. A value of 1.0 means that snow evaporates at the same rate it is deposited.
蒸发平衡 蒸发平衡控制雪相对于雪强度更快从地形蒸发。值1.0表示雪是以同样的速度蒸发沉积。
Snow Amount The duration of the snow simulation. Greater values will deposit more snow and allow drifts to travel farther, however it will be slower to process.
雪线 指定下面的海拔蒸发量大大增加。
Linear Depthmask When this is checked, the depthmask output of the Snow device will contain the exact depth of snow at all locations. When unchecked (the default), the output is scaled logrith mically by the Depthmask Cutoff to produce the mask, producing a visuaully useful result.
线性深度遮罩 选中此选项时,该深度遮罩雪设备的输出将包含在所有地点确切的雪的深度。 当未选中(默认值),输出深度遮罩截止logrithmically规模生产的遮罩,生产visuaully有用的结果。
Depthmask Cutoff The scaling factor used to construct the snow mask. Lower values will show only the deepest areas of snow, while high values will show even those regions with low accumulation.
深度面具截断 比例因子用于构造雪遮罩。较低的值将只显示最深的雪的地区,而高值就要显示那些低地区积累的区域。
Taper Snowfall When checked, the snowfall intensity is reduced towards the end of the snow simulation; when unchecked, new snow is produced even in the very last steps of the simulation. Toggling this option on can be useful when attempting to produce features such as glaciers that represent accumulation over a long time period.
锥度降雪 当选中,雪景模拟结束,降雪强度降低;在未选中时,产生新的雪甚至在最后一步一步的模拟。 当试图产生特征,如冰川,它代表在很长一段时间的积累时,切换此选项会很有用。