Selector Device - Convexity Selector选择器设备 - 凸状选择器


The Convexity Selector discovers areas of the input terrain that are either highly exposed (convex) or recessed (concave). Convex areas are white (one), while concave areas are black (zero). Neutral areas that are neither will be neutral grey. This device can be very useful for texturing to either to help shadow recessed cracks in the terrain, or to bring out ridges and other areas that are highly exposed.

凸性选择器现实输入地形的领域,它都处于高暴露(凸)或凹进(凹)。凸领域是白色(一), 而凹地区是黑色的(零)。 中立的地区,将是中性灰色。 该设备可以是非常有用的纹理,同时也能去帮助阴影在地形槽裂缝中嵌入,或更高的带出脊和其他地区。

Strength The Strength parameter determines what level of convexity maps to the largest allowable mask value.
强度 强度参数确定什么级别的凸起映射到所允许的最大的遮罩值。