Parameter Device - Scalar Clamp 设备参数 - 标量夹嵌


Modifies the input scalar so that it lies only in a certain value range.
This is similar to the Clamp device for heightfields except that it operates on single values only.
Like all Parameter devices, its primary purpose is to assist in the creation of high quality parameterizations for macros. See the User's Guide for more information on parameterization.


Max Range The maximum value to allow in the output
最大范围 输出中允许的最大值
Min Range The minimum value to allow in the output
最小范围 输出中允许的最小值
Type Specify the type of clamping to perform: Whether to scale or clip the input value.
类型 指定要执行的夹钳类型:无论缩放还是剪辑输入值.
Rescale: The input value is rescaled so that it maintains its relative position within the value range compared to the full 0..1 range of a scalar.
重缩放: 输入值调整,以便维持其值在范围内的相对位置比0..1。
Clip: Clip the input value. If it is greater or lower than the range specified, it will be clipped to the range.
剪贴: 剪辑输入值。 如果它大于或小于指定的范围,它将被剪切到该范围。