Parameter Device - Scalar Combiner设备参数- 标量结合器


The Scalar Combiner takes two scalar values as input and performs one of several simple mathematical operations to combine the two numbers.
If the combined value exceeds the 0..1 range, the result will be clipped to the 0..1 range.
Like all Parameter devices, its primary purpose is to assist in the creation of high quality parameterizations for macros. See the User's Guide for more information on parameterization.

像所有参数设备,其主要目的是协助创造高品质参数的宏 参数化的更多信息,请参阅用户指南。

Add Together: Add the two input values together.
相加: 一起添加两个输入值.
Subtract B from A: Subtract the second input value from the first input value.
从A减去B: 从第一个输入值中减去第二个输入值.
Multiply: Multiply the two input values together.
相乘: 两个输入值乘以在一起.