Parameter Device - Scalar Arithmetic 设备参数 - 标量算法


Perform a simple arithmetic operation on a scalar value.
Like all Parameter devices, its primary purpose is to assist in the creation of high quality parameterizations for macros. See the User's Guide for more information on parameterization.


Amount The number to combine with the input value.
数量 数量结合输入值.
Add to Value: Add the value in Amount to the input scalar.
添加值: 添加输入标量值。
Subtract from Value: Subtract the value in Amount from the input scalar.
减去值: 减量输入标量值.
Multiply with Value: Multiply the value in Amount together with the input scalar.
多值: 多值输入一起运算.
Clipping If the value of the operation exceeds the 0..1 range allowed for scalars, the device must somehow adjust the results to fall back into the allowed range.
剪贴 如果操作的允许范围的标量值超过0..1,设备必须以某种方式调整结果回到允许的范围内。
Clip: If the value exceeds the allowed range, clip to the nearest boundary.
For example: 0.9 + 0.2 would produce 1.0.
剪贴: 如果该值超过允许的范围内,剪切到最近的边界。 例如:0.9+0.2 1.0。
Rollover: If the value exceeds the allowed range, roll it over to the other side of the value range.
For example: 0.9 + 0.2 would produce 0.1.
翻转: 如果值超出允许范围,滚到另一端的取值范围。 例如:0.9+0.2 0.1。