Filter Device - Ramp过滤设备 - 斜坡

Available in all Editions

The Ramp device scales and remaps the height values used in the terrain.
The effect can be best visualized by feeding a linear gradient as input. The straight line is turned into a sawtooth shape by the Ramp filter.


Type of Ramp
Linear Ramp (default): Every other ramp is a negatively sloped one that brings the heights back to zero.
线性斜坡(默认): 每隔一个斜坡带来的是负斜率返回到零高度.
Standard Ramp: Wrap height directly back to zero
标准斜坡: 斜坡高度直接归零
Frequency How many ramps should the full (0.0...1.0) height range be partitioned into.
频率 多少斜坡应该完整从(0.0 1.0)的高度范围被分配.
Keep full height When checked, the terrain is vertically scaled so that features do not loose their size as the ramp frequency increases. When unchecked, the slope of the terrain will be retained.
保持全高 在选中期间,地形垂直缩放,以便功能不失去其大小,如坡道频率增加。选中期间,地形的坡度将被保留。