Filter Device - Probability 过滤设备 - 概率


The Probability filter treats the input map as a probability density function, and creates a mask that randomly scatters dots according to that density function. It is intended to be useful for object placement maps.


Probability Type What kind of distribution model to use. There is currently only one option.
概率型 要使用什么样的分布模型。 目前只有一种选择。
Uniform: Use a uniform distribution to scatter the points across the map.
统一: 使用均匀分布散射点在地图上.
Bias The Bias control adjusts what value in the input map represents 50% probability of dot creation. The default is 0.5. Adjusting this will cause greater or fewer numbers of dots to be created.
偏差 偏差控制调整输入映射中的值来表示50的概率,默认值为0.5。 调整这将导致创建更多或更少点的数字。