Converter Device - Lightmap Generator 转换设备 - 光照贴图生成


The Lightmap Generator produces a mask of light and shadow (called a Lightmap) that can be used in many applications to illuminate the terrain easily. The Lightmap Generator supports Raytraced lighting, and the output can be either exported to a file (by connecting a File Output node), or it can be used within World Machine to combine with a texturemap to produce a fully lit texture.

光照贴图生成器产生的光线和阴影的遮罩(称为贴图),可以在许多应用程序中轻松地照亮地形. 光照贴图生成器支持光线追踪照明和输出可以被导出到一个文件(通过连接一个文件输出节点),也可以与texturemap在世界机内结合使用来产生一个完全点燃的纹理。

Illumination Model
Direct Lighting: Light the terrain but do not cast shadows
直接照明: 光照地形但不投射阴影
Raytraced Lighting: Raytrace the terrain to produce shadows
光线追踪照明: 光线追踪材质所产生的地形阴影
Included Lighting
Shadows: Produce a map of only shadows.
阴影: 产生只有影子的地图.
Indirect Lighting: Produce a map containing shadows and sky lighting only.
间接光照: 产生一个仅包含阴影和天空照明的地图.
Shadows + Indirect + Direct: Produce a complete lighting map.
阴影 + 间接 + 直接: 产生一个完整的照明地图。
Produce RGB Lightmap Check this option to produce a color bitmap rather than a heightmap mask for output. This will also enable the ability to set the color of the sun and sky.
产生RGB光照贴图 选中此选项以产生一个彩色位图而不是输出的一个高度图遮罩。这还将使你能够设置太阳和天空的颜色。
Soft Clipping Soft clipping uses an exposure function to combine the diffuse and sky light components together. It only has a significant effect when the combined intensity is greater than 90% of maximum.
软剪贴 软剪辑使用曝光功能扩散和天空光组件结合在一起。当最大的联合强度大于90时,它仅有一个显著的效果。
Use Global Light Direction When checked, the Lighting Generator will use the same lighting angle as the one specified in the leftside view and used in all the other previews.
使用全局光方向 在检查期间,光照生成器将使用相同的照明角度作为一个在左侧视图中指定和所有其他预览中使用。
Sun Heading The heading of the sun, otherwise known as the compass direction the sun is shining from.
太阳标头 太阳的标头,否则从指南针方向称为阳光指向,。
Sun Altitude The elevation of the sun with respect to the horizontal.
太阳高度角 太阳的高度和水平夹角。
Sky Lighting Level The amount of light illuminating the terrain from above; this represents the contribution of clouds and light scattering.
天空的光线强度 照亮整个地势由上述数额;这是云和光散射的结果。
Diffuse Level The amount of light produced by the sun.
漫反射级别 太阳产生光的数量。
Sun Color Select this to set the lighting color of the sunlight (diffuse light) in the scene.
太阳颜色 选择此选项可以设置照明颜色的阳光(漫射光)。
Sky Color Select this to set the lighting color of the skylight (ambient / light from above).
天空颜色 选择此选项可以设置照明的颜色天窗(环境/光从上文)。