Output Device - Bitmap Output输出设备 - 位图输出


The Bitmap Output allows you to export a Bitmap datatype to a file. You may export to either 8 or 16bit per channel color formats.


Specify Output File... Click this to set the filename of the bitmap file using the Windows file dialog.
指定输出文件... 击此处,设置位图文件的文件名使用Windows文件对话框。
File Name Edit the name for the exported file.
文件名称 编辑导出文件的名称。
File Format Choose a file format for export; there are both 8 and 16bit bit per channel formats available.
文件格式 选择文件格式导出;有8和16bit两位/通道格式可用。
Output File on every Build When checked, the output device will export the bitmap on every build.
在每个创建时输出文件 如果选中此选项,在每次生成输出设备时将导出位图。
Participate in Tiled Builds When checked, this output will export tiles during a tiled build.
参与瓷块创建 选中时,此输出期间将输出瓷块。
Blend Across Tiles This option only matters during a tiled build; it controls whether the between-tile blending should apply to the bitmap output or not. There is generally no reason to disable this, unless you are using color keying that depends on specific colors retaining their value.
混合通过瓷块/b> 此选项仅在平铺时建立的事项;它控制着瓷块之间混合是否应适用于位图输出。一般不存在理由禁用此项,除非你使用的是取决于特定的颜色保留其值的颜色键控。
Write output to disk! When pressed, will write the build results to the file you've specified.
将输出写入到磁盘! 当按下时,将生成结果写到您所指定的文件。