Parameter Device - Bank Selector设备参数 - 银行选择器


The Bank Selector allows you to change the values of many scalar variables at once. Each variable has its own output port through which it delivers a scalar value. Multiple tabs are created, each of which specifies a preset value for a scalar variable. Changing the active tab will change the value output for each variable.
This is very useful as a way to radically alter multiple scalar values when the single integer input changes value. Inside of a macro, this can be used to create presets, or partial presets, that simplify the experience of the user.
See the User's Guide for more information on proper usage in concert with other devices intended for Macros.


Add a tab Add another tab to contain preset values.
添加一个标签 将另一个标签添加包含到预设值.
Add a variable Add another variable.
添加一个变量 添加另一个变量。
Copy tab Copy the contents of the currently selected tab to the clipboard.
复制标签 将当前选定标签中的内容复制到剪贴板
Paste tab Paste the contents of the clipboard to the currently selected tab.
粘贴标签 将剪贴板中的内容粘贴到当前选定的选项卡。
Currently active tab The tab that is actively exporting its values to the output ports.
当前活动标签 将活动标签值导出到输出端口.
Tab Selector Select one of the available tabs to work in.
标签选择 选择一个可用的标签运行.
Scalar Variable Setup Change and display the variables for each tab.
标量变量设置 更改和显示每个选项卡的变量.
Name box: Supply a name for the variable.
盒子名称: 为变量提供一个名称.
Value slider: Set the value of the given variable in the selected tab.
滑块值: 设置给定变量的值在选定的标签.