Filter Device - Simple Transform过滤设备 - 简单转换


A set of simple operations that can be performed upon a heightfield.
The usefulness of this set of operations is mostly superseceded by newer and more powerful devices.


Height Transforms
Canyonize: All terrain is lifted, and the higher areas tend to become flattened out
收缩: 取消所有地形,更高的地区趋于平坦
Glaciate: Low areas become lower and flatter; Tall areas become steeper.
结冰: 越低的地区越好;高的地区变得陡峭。
Cubic Midlands: The middle elevations become flat, with steep mountain peaks and deep crevasses.
中土立方: 中间海拔变扁,与陡峭的山峰和深的裂缝。
Midland Plateau: A single large plateau is created at the middle elevations.
米德兰高原: 创建一个大的高原在中等海拔.
Kernel Transforms
Smoothing filter: Performs simple smoothing (blurring) on the input terrain.
光滑过滤: 使输入的地形执行简单的平滑(模糊).
Height-varying lowpass filter: Same as the above, except the effect is filtered to only occur at lower elevations.
高变低通滤波器: 与上述相同,除了过滤只发生在低海拔的效果.
Intensity Modifier The number of times the above set of operations will be performed. Higher values will produce more intense results.
强度修改 上述设置的次数将执行的操作。较高的值会产生更加激烈的结果。