Utility Device - Multi Splitter实用性设备 - 多重拆分器


The Multi Splitter is most useful for Macro creators.
Like a normal Splitter, it allows you to split a single input into multiple outputs. However unlike a normal splitter, the Multi Splitter will only transfer the input data to a single one of its outputs. All other outputs will not transmit data.
This is useful if you have several effects-paths within the macro. To save processing power and memory, you can disable all but the currently selected path using a Multi Splitter and Multi Combiner pair.

像一个正常的拆分器,它允许你将一个单输入拆分为多个输出。然而与正常拆分不同 多拆分器将只传送数据输入到一个输出。 其他所有输出将不传输数据。
如果您有多个路径在宏内的效果,这是非常有用的。为了节省处理能力和内存, 您可以禁用所有,但对当前选定的路径使用一个多拆分器和多结合器。

Number of Outputs Set the number of outputs the device will possess.
输出数量 将会拥有设置输出设备的数量.
Output Choice Specify the output that will recieve the input data.
选择输出 指定将接收输入数据的输出.