Filter Device - Height Splitter过滤设备 - 高度拆分器


The Height Splitter evenly splits the input terrain into ranges of similar elevations. Each elevation ranges is then output on a seperate output port.
A Height Splitter can be useful for applying differing effects based on elevation, creating masks, or other special purposes.

高度拆分器均匀地将地形输入拆分为多个类似于海拔的范围。 每个海拔范围输出一个单独的输出端口。

Number of Bands Specify the number of height ranges to chop the input terrain into.
线程数量 指定高度切开的输入地形的数量.
Clipping Behavior Specifies the height value to set for areas outside of the height range on each output.
剪辑行为 指定要设置的高度值为每个输出的高度范围以外的地区.
Reduce to zero: Set out of bounds areas to zero height.
减少到零: 高度从边界地区设置为零
Maintain height: Set out of bounds areas to the lowest/highest allowable height for that range.
保持高度: 从边界地区设置为该范围的允许的最低/最高高度.