Generator Device - File Input生成器设备 - 文件输入』


The File Input imports a bitmap or terrain file from disk and inserts it into the world at a location and scale specified. The File Input device can read TER, BT, HFZ, PNG, TIFF, BMP, TGA, R32, R16, and RAW formats.

文件输入导入位图或地形文件从磁盘并将其插入到指定一个你想的世界范围位置。 文件输入装置可读 ter ,BT,HFZ、PNG、TIFF、BMP、TGA、R32、R16,和RAW格式。

Load This button brings up a dialog to specify the file to load from disk.
加载 此按钮将显示一个对话框,用于指定要加载的文件从磁盘。
Refresh from File This command instructs the File Input device to reload the file from disk. This is useful if you have the file open in another editor and have made a change that you want to transfer into World Machine.
从文件刷新 此命令指示文件输入设备从磁盘重新加载该文件。如果你有另一个编辑器中打开文件,你想转移到世界机,这是非常有用的。
Use absolute path If this is checked, the filename chosen by clicking the Load button will contain the full path to the input file. Otherwise, it will only contain a relative path to the file if possible.
使用绝对路径 如果选中此选项,通过单击Load按钮输入的文件名将包含输入文件的完整路径。否则,它将可能只包含文件的相对路径。
Auto-refresh from file every build If this is checked, every time you build the world (press the Green build button), the File Input device will re-read and import the bitmap data from the file. This can be used to, for example, read back in the exact same file that later in the network gets exported, allowing you to produce a terrain that gets slowly eroded through multiple output steps, for example!
每次生成文件的自动刷新 如果选中此选项,每次您构建世界(按绿色生成按钮),输入设备将读取该文件并从文件中导入位图数据,比如,在回读相同的文件时,后来在网络获取出口,会让你产生一种获取的地形慢慢削弱的多个输出步骤
Interpret as RGB Import the file data as a Bitmap as checked.
翻译为RGB 文件数据导入为一个位图.
Flip Y-axis Invert the vertical axis if this is checked.
反转Y轴 如果选中此选项,垂直轴反转.
Outside Behavior Controls what the device outputs outside of the world space area specified by the worldspace placement.
外部行为 控制设备所产出的世界空间所指定的空间安置区之外.
Blank: All outside areas are filled with height zero.
空的: 所有在地区以外填满高度为零.
Repeat Edge Values: The height of the outside area will match whatever the value is of the closest edge pixel in the scaled area.
重复边缘值: 外部区域的高度将适应,无论是比例方面最接近边缘像素。
Tile: The output will repeat itself infinitely across the entire world space.
瓷块: 输出在整个世界空间无限平铺.
Mirror: The output will endlessly mirror itself across the entire world space.
镜像: 输出将无休止地反映整个世界空间本身.
Edge Blending The File Input device exports a blending area around the input terrain as an additional mask. This slider controls how large a percentage of the file input area is consumed by the blending zone.
边缘融合 文件输入设备出口混合输入周围地区地形作为额外的遮罩。此滑块控制多么大的文件输入区域的百分比来混合使用。
World Placement Set where in the world to import the chosen file.
世界位置 在世界的什么地方设置导入的文件.
Origin: Set the lower-left corner of the rectangular extents of the terrain area
原点: 设置左下角的矩形地形区的范围
Sizing: Specify the size of the terrain area in worldspace by specifying numerically or with the sliders
尺寸: 通过指定数字或使用滑块来指定空间中的地形区域的大小
Preserve file aspect ratio: When checked, the aspect ratio (width and height ratio) will be preserved, keeping imported features undistorted if they differ from the world’s aspect ratio. When unchecked, the imported file will be scaled to fit the aspect ratio of the world.
保持文件的长宽比: 在检查期间,长宽比(比宽度和高度)将被保留,如果他们与世界的长宽比不同,输入的特征将失真。在检查期间,导入的文件将自动缩放以适应世界的长宽比。
Set from View: Select this to set the world location of the file input device to the current render extents
从视图设置: 选择此选项,世界文件的位置输入设备设置为当前渲染的范围
Bring into View: Selecting this option will change the current render extents to the location you've set for the file input region
显示在视图中: 选择此选项将更改当前渲染范围扩展到你已经设置为文件输入区域的位置
Set in Layout...: Change the view to Layout View to set the location graphically
布局中设置...: 更改视图布局视图以图形方式设置位置
Altitude Scaling Choose how to map elevation data present in the file to World Machine:
高度扩展 选择如何地图高程数据文件在世界机中:
Natural Elevations: Ensure that the height values in the input files are translated correctly into the same elevation in World Machine
自然海拔: 确保正确输入文件中的高度值被翻译成世界机上海拔相同
全范围: 映射目前地图的海拔,世界上海拔最高和最低海拔跨度完全可能与世界机范围相同
Specified: Specify an altitude range in meters that the input data should fall between
指定海拔: 指定高度范围之间的输入数据(单位:米)