Filter Device - Expander 过滤设备 - 扩展器 』


The Expander device performs what are often called "image morphology" operations. When operating on a mask, it can intelligently increase or decrease the size of the masked area. When operating on a heightfield, it will produce very interesting shaping operations that can both change the size of the terrain and also sculpt it.


Max: Areas of higher elevation grow outwards.
最大: 海拔较高的区域向外生长.
Min: Areas of higher elevation shrink inwards.
最小: 高海拔地区向内收缩.
Swell: Overall elevation is unchanged, but the terrain tends to grow lumpy or swollen.
膨胀: 全面提高不变的,但地形往往成为长块状或肿胀
Tighten: Overall elevation is unchanged, but the terrain sends to become "stretched", and ridges appear.
紧绷: 全面提高不变的,但地形成为"stretched",山脊出现.
Filter type
Square: Consider a square area of effect. Fastest, but the least high quality operation.
正方形: 考虑一个正方形的效果区域越快,越需要高质量的操作。
Circular: Consider a circular area of effect. Slow, but produces the most mathematically correct results.
圆形的: 考虑圆形效果的区域越慢,产生许多最正确的结果.
Hybrid: Combining the two above methods, Hybrid preserves the most of the original terrain out of all three methods, and is fairly fast as well.
混合: 上述两种方法的结合,混合保留了最原始地形的所有三种方法,而且也较快。
Distance How many neighboring pixels are considered in the blurring operation. Larger values produce a greater effect.
距离 相邻像素中考虑了模糊运算的多少。值越大,产生更大的影响。
Scale-independant Checking this box ensures that you will see the same amount of smoothing whether creating a small or large resolution output. Without this checked, the effective amount of smoothing will decrease as the resolution increases.
独立比例 选中此选项可确保您将看到相同的平滑的数额是否创建小型或大型分辨率的输出。 如果没有此选项,有效平滑的数量将减少,因为该分辨率增加。