Natural Filter Device - Thermal Erosion 自然过滤设备 - 热侵蚀』


The Thermal Erosion device is intended to simulate the erosion of landscapes through freeze/thaw cycles that breakup rock and create talus slopes. Compared to the standard Erosion device, the Thermal Erosion device is less commonly used and often gives best results when used in concert with the normal erosion.

热侵蚀设备通过冻融循环侵蚀景观的模拟,用来创建破碎的岩石和距骨山坡。 相比标准侵蚀装置,热侵蚀设备是不常用的。

Iterations The amount of erosion to perform on the terrain (corresponding to the amount of time spent eroding it)
迭代 在地形上执行的侵蚀量(相当于它所花费的时间侵蚀)
Classic: Classic thermal weathering has only a single critical slope value. Once the gradient becomes steeper than this value, the terrain will erode; Once it becomes less, the erosion will stop.
典型: 经典热风化只有一个山坡的临界值。一旦梯度幅度大于此值,侵蚀的地形将削弱;一旦变的更少,侵蚀将停止。
Two-phase: Two-phase weathering tracks the location of talus differently than under coded rock; the talus critical slope can be specified seperately to achieve a more realistic effect.
双相: 两相风化轨迹位置与距骨山坡下相比;距骨山坡的临界可以分别指定实现更加逼真的效果。
Strength Scales the strength of the erosion effect. The default is full strength.
强度 尺度侵蚀作用的强度。 默认是充分的强度。
Mass Balance Controls whether terrain material is only removed (left side), only added (right side), or both (middle).
质量均衡 控制不管地形材质仅移除(左边),还是只有添加(右侧),或两者兼而有之(中).
Rock Angle The angle above which rock will begin to erode.
岩石角度 角度在哪块石头开始侵蚀以上.
Talus Angle The angle below which talus will stop sliding, used only when Two-phase weathering is enabled.
斜面角度 下面的角距将停止滑动,仅当启用两阶段风化。