Natural Filter Device - Erosion 自然过滤设备 - 侵蚀』


The Erosion filter simulates the work of thousands or millions of years of weathering and erosion by rain, flowing water and mass movement. It is an exceptionally useful tool to add detail and realism to human-created terrains.
There are a large number of parameters in the Erosion device and each parameter can interact with the others to create to a unique effect. Because of this, it is well worth your time to experiment either with your own settings or using one of the presets supplied with the device. Dramatically different effects and intensities of erosion can be achieved.

该侵蚀滤波器模拟成千上万年的风化和侵蚀的雨、流水、流质运动等特征。 这是一个非常有用的工具来增加细节来实现人类创造的真实地形。
大量的侵蚀装置参数,每个参数可以与他人交互,以创建一种独特的效果。 正因为如此,这是值得你花时间尝试用您自己的设置或使用随设备提供的预设之一来使用迥然不同的效果和侵蚀强度的目的。。

Erosion Parameters
Erosion Method
Standard Erosion: Standard Erosion produces weathered features without deep gullies.
标准侵蚀: 标准侵蚀产生风化特征是不深的沟壑.
Channeled Erosion: Channeled Erosion deepens and carves additional gullies into the terrain.
通道侵蚀: 侵蚀通道额外的沟加深和雕刻到地形。
Filtering Type As the terrain is eroded, filtering is optionally applied at each step to change the resulting effect upon the terrain.
筛选类型 由于地形侵蚀,筛选是选择应用在每一步来改变地形造成的影响。
No Filter: No filtering is performed. This type of erosion tends to have a sharp, dry feel to it.
无过滤: 不进行过滤。 这种类型的侵蚀往往具有强烈的、干燥的感觉。
Simple Filter: Simple smoothing is performed. Features are more rounded and smoothed, well suited to wet climates.
简单过滤: 执行简单的平滑。 特点是更多的圆形,平滑,非常适合潮湿的气候。
Inverse Filter: Inverse filtering enhances the reach of each water droplet. This can lead to features that are better suited to ice-carved climates.
反向滤波器 逆滤波提高每个水滴的范围。这可能会导致更适合冰雕刻的气候特征。
Erosion Base Duration The simulated amount of time to erode the terrain.
侵蚀基准时间 模拟长时间侵蚀地形.
Rock Hardness The difficulty with which water is able to break apart the terrain.
岩石硬度 水能够分解困难的地形。
Sediment carry amount The volume of sediment that can be contained within the flowing water.
泥沙携带量 沉积物的体积,它可以被流动的水所载.
Filter strength How strongly to use the filter selected in Filtering Type above.
滤镜强度 如何有强烈的使用上面的过滤类型中选择筛选器
Randomize Keeping the same random seed will ensure that the eroded output will be the same for a given input.
随机化 保持相同的随机种子将确保侵蚀给定输入的输出是相同的。
Geological-Time Enhancement Geological-Time Enhancement simulates dramatically extending the duration of erosion to very large time periods. This is achieved without running the simulation for excessively long time periods.
加强地质时间 加强模拟地质时间,大大延长非常大的时间侵蚀。这是在没有运行模拟时间过长的情况下实现。
Enable: Checking this box enables GTE.
启用: 选中此框启用GTE。
Erosive Power: This slider multiplies the effect of the erosion. The lowest setting will produce identical results to normal erosion; As the value increases the erosion effect is exponentially strength end.
侵蚀强度: 此滑块复合侵蚀的效果。最低设置将产生相同的正常侵蚀的结果;增加侵蚀作用将是指数型的结束。
Reconstruction Type Governs how to reconcile the long-term erosion effects with the starting terrain.
重建类型 关于如何调和与地形开始的长期侵蚀的影响.
Additive (sharp): Produces sharper terrain features but can suffer from axis-aligned terrain shape artifacts.
附加 (形状): 产生清晰的地形特征,但可以受到坐标轴对齐的地形形状的东西.
Interpretive (blended): (Default) Smoothly blends ancient and modern erosional features.
诠释 (混合): (默认) 顺利融合了古代和现代侵蚀特征.
Channeling Erosion Parameters These parameters are only used when Channeled Erosion is enabled.
通道侵蚀参数 当启用提供的侵蚀时,只使用这些参数.
Channel depth: How deeply to carve the channels into the terrain.
通道深度: 如何深入渠道雕刻成的地形.
Post-channeling erosion: Specify a percentage of erosion to perform after the channeling is done.
Increasing this value can make the channelling look more natural.
后通道侵蚀: 在引导完成后,指定侵蚀执行的百分比。增加此值可使输送看起来更自然。