Filter Device - Curves 过滤设备 - 曲线编辑器』


The Curves device allows you to map elevations in the input terrain to new elevations by graphically drawing a curve representing how each elevation should be remapped. The Height Curve could be thought of as a sort of "Profile View" of the terrain elevation profile.


Drawing Area The drawing area displays the current height curve and allows you to modify it. The current curve is shown in black. Clicking and dragging the mouse will modify the curve.
绘图区 绘图区域显示当前高度曲线,并允许你修改它。当前曲线是黑线所示。 单击并拖动鼠标将修改曲线。
Presets Each preset corresponds to one of the height effects in the Simple Transform device.
预设 每个预设对应于简单的变换设备中的高度转换之一.
Linear: The Linear curve is the baseline and serves as a starting point; It reproduces exactly the input heightfield
直线型: 线性曲线基线,并作为出发点;它准确复制输入的高度场
Glaciation: Low areas become lower and flatter; Tall areas become steeper.
冰蚀: 低的区域变的更低,高的区域变的更陡峭.
Canyonization: All terrain is lifted, and the higher areas tend to become flattened out
峡谷: 取消所有地形,和更高的地区往往成的平坦了
Cubic Midlands: The middle elevations become flat, with steep mountain peaks and deep crevasses.
立方中部: 中间海拔变扁,陡峭的山峰和深的裂缝
Midland Plateau: A single large plateau is created at the middle elevations.
米德兰高原: 创建一个大的高原在中等海拔.
Curve Strength You can modify the strength of the curve effect from full strength to none.
曲线强度 您可以修改曲线效应的力量到none
Bake Curve Baking the Curve only has an effect if you have adjusted the curve strength above. Clicking the Bake button after setting the strength to a new value will "bake" that altered strength as the actual curve.
烘焙曲线 如果你调整上述曲线的强度,烘焙曲线才会产生效果。单击Bake按钮后,强度设置为新值"bake"作为实际曲线改变的强度。
Smooth Curve Performs a small amount of smoothing on the curve shape. Useful to clean up hand-drawn curves.
光滑曲线 执行少量的平滑曲线形状。有助于清理手工绘制的曲线.
Auto-smoothing When this is checked, any drawing done in the drawing area will automatically be smoothed after the mouse button is released.
自动光滑 选中此选项时,在绘图区域所做的任何绘图在释放鼠标按钮后,将自动平滑.