Generator Device - Color Generator 生成器设备 - 颜色生成器』


The Color Generator is the primary way to create colors in your Bitmap networks. It creates a single solid color that exists everywhere in the world; however by using the mask input or combining the output with color generators or other sources of texture, they form the basis of texturing networks.

颜色生成器是主要来创建位图网络中的颜色的方法。 它创建一个单一的纯色,它在世界各地都存在,但是通过使用掩码输入或输出与颜色生成工具或与其它纹理源相结合,可以形成纹理网络的基础。

Color Click on the color to launch the Windows Color Picker for selection.
颜色 单击颜色以启动Windows颜色选择器选择