Natural Filter Device - Coastal Erosion 自然过滤设备 - 海岸侵蚀』


The Coastal Erosion device provides a quick approximation to the effect of large bodies of water on land; specifically, you can define a waterlevel and all adjacent heights will be adjusted so as to produce a beach and bluff region adjacent to the water. Note that the Coastal Erosion device does not perform any simulation to achieve its result, which has the benefit of making it very fast. However, the output is not as complicated as other simulation-based World Machine devices.

海岸侵蚀设备提供了一种快速近似土地上的水大状态的效果;特别是你可以定义一个水位和所有相邻高地来调整以产生一个海滩和夸张的与谁毗邻的地区。 请注意,海岸侵蚀设备并不执行任何模拟现实的的结果,这是它非常快速的。然而,输出并不像其他基于仿真的复杂世界的机械设备.

Simulation Type There is currently only the basic water simulation available; this produces a fast but not geologically accurate result.
模拟类型 目前只有最基本的水模拟;这将产生一个快速但不准确的地质效果。
Use Global Water Level When checked, the water level will be taken from the water level specified on the leftside toolbar rather than the Water Level parameter. This is useful because the coastal waterlevel used will match the waterlevel displayed in WM2.
使用全局水位 在检查期间,水位级别将依从从水位级别,而不是参数的左侧工具栏上指定的水位。因为使用沿海水位将与WM2中显示水位,这是非常有用的。因为在WM2中沿海水位将匹配WM2中的显示水位
Water Level The elevation of the global waterlevel that will produce the beaches.
水位级别 随着全球水位的升高,它将会产生海滩。
Beach Size How wide a zone around the water should be converted to beach.
海滩大小 怎么将广泛的区域水位转换为海滩。
Transition Zone Control how the beach leads into the terrain. Smooth will produce a smoother transition area, while Cliffs will produce bluff-like features.
过渡区 控制如何将海滩引入地形。将光滑产生一个平稳的过渡地区,而峭壁会产生钝的特点。
Transition Power Low transition power flattens the beach less, while high values will produce a very flat beach with a sharper transition to the regular terrain.
过度力度 低强度过度的海滩越少,而较高的值会产生一个非常平坦的海滩和一个尖锐的过渡到正常地形。
Smooth Underwater Features When checked, features below the waterline will be smoothed.
光滑的水下特征 在检查期间,水线以下的功能将平滑。
Smoothing Amount The amount of smoothing to apply to underwater features.
光滑度 平滑量用于水下特征。