Filter Device - Clamp 过滤设备 - 夹钳』


The Clamp device performs scaling and clipping on the terrain heights in the input heightfield. Scaling means to change the heights of a terrain uniformly. For example, scaling a terrain by 0.5 would reduce all height values by 50%. Clipping means to eliminate any values outside of a certain height range. Clipping a terrain to 0.5 would set any height values above 0.5 down to 0.5.


Height Selection Sliders The two vertical sliders control the selected height range. The range is marked by the white band within the full dark grey range.
高度选择滑块 两个垂直滑块控件选定高度范围。在整个深灰色范围内,该区域是由白色标记。
Clamp Style There are three clamping styles that control whether to scale the terrain, clip it, or both.
夹嵌样式 有三个夹钳控制的是是否地形尺寸的样式,使用它,两端都被选择。
Clamp: Reduce the terrain heights to fit within the selected height range. No clipping occurs.
夹嵌: 降低地形高度,以适应在选定高度范围内。发生任何的剪辑.
Clip: Clip terrain to the selected height range. Any values above or below the valid height range will be set to the borders of the range.
剪辑: 剪辑地形对选定的高度范围。 有效高度范围的上方或下方的任何值将设置为范围的边界。
Expand: Expand the terrain heights from within the height range to fill the entire 0..1 height range. Any values outside of the height range are clipped.
扩展: 扩大地形的高度,从在高度范围内,以填补整个0..1高度范围。 高度范围之外的任何值都修剪。
Find Extents Pressing this button will automatically examine the current terrain and set the height range to the minimum and maximum values existing within the terrain. Note that this command is a one-time action; if the input terrain changes, the height range may not correspond any more.
发现扩展 按此按钮将自动检查当前的地形和高度设置最小值和最大值范围内现有的地形。注意,这个命令是一个一次性的行动;如果输入的地形有变化,更多如何的高度范围将不符合。
Normalize Input Normalizes the input terrain before applying any operations. This ensures that the incoming heights exactly stretch between 0 and 1, but will cause problems in Explorer as well as when the terrain is panned or zoomed.
规范输入 在应用任何行动之前,输入进行规范化的地形。确保传入高度在0和1中间,但当地形是全部或放大时,会导致资源管理器中存在问题。