Generator Device - Radial Gradient 生成器设备 - 径向渐变』

Available in all Editions 所有版本可用

The Radial Gradient generator creates shapes that are all centered around one point in space.


Device Parameters
Radius How large an area the shape should cover. The default value is 1.0, which happens to completely fill the default terrain extents.
半径 多大的范围应包括形状。 默认值是1.0,刚好完全填充默认范围的地形。
Type Defines the profile of the radial gradient.
类型 径向渐变的配置文件定义。
Spherical: A sphere-shaped profile that falls off steeply at the edges.
球形: 球面形,边缘急剧下降。
Gaussian: A mound-shaped profile that follows a gaussian distribution.
高斯: 一个土堆形配置文件,它服从高斯分布
Diamond: A constantly sloped profile that looks much like a pyramid.
钻石: 不断倾斜的配置文件,它看起来像一个金字塔.
Square: A square profile. It stays level until dropping sharply at the edges to zero.
正方形: 一个方形的配置文件。 它停留在边缘水平急剧下降为零。
Cone: Constantly slopes downward to zero in all directions.
圆锥: 四面八方不断向下倾斜为零。