Filter Device - Blur 『过滤设备』 - 模糊


The Blur filter smooths (blurs) the input map. This can be useful either by itself or in conjunction with other devices for special purposes.


Device Parameters
Blur type
Uniform: Uniform blur has a strong effect but may not look as good as the Gaussian blur type below.
均匀: 均匀模糊有很大的效果,但可能看起来不像下面的高斯模糊类型一样好.
Gaussian: Gaussian blur is a high quality blurring filter that produces very smooth output.
高斯: 高斯模糊是一种高品质的模糊滤镜可以产生非常顺畅的输出.
Motion Blur: Blurs only in the X direction, producing a motion blur effect along that axis.
动态模糊: 仅仅在X方向上模糊产生沿该轴的运动模糊效果.
Blur radius The radius of the blur controls how many neighboring pixels are considered in the blurring operation. Larger values produce smoother output.
模糊半径 模糊半径控制相邻像素数中的模糊运算。值越大,产生更平滑的输出.
Scale-independant Checking this box ensures that you will see the same amount of smoothing whether creating a small or large resolution output. Without this checked, the effective amount of smoothing will decrease as the resolution increases.
独立范围 选中此选项可确保您将看到相同的平滑的数额是否创建小型或大型分辨率的输出。如果没有此选项,有效平滑的数量将减少,因为分辨率增加。