Filter Device - Bias/Gain 过滤设备 - 偏差/增益


The Bias/Bain device allows you to nonlinearly adjust the Bias and Gain (Brightness and Contrast) of the input map. This is immensely useful for adjusting the shape of terrains, the coverage of masks, and fine tuning the results of almost any output.


Device Parameters 设备参数
Bias Adjusts the input elevations. Low values reduce terrain height; High values increase it.
偏差 调整输入海拔。 低值降低地形高度;高值增加地形高度.
Gain Adjusts the input steepness. Low values produce slowly rolling features; High values produce very contrasty, steep terrain.
增益 调整输入的陡度。 低值将产生慢慢滚动的功能;高值产生很强反差、陡峭的地形。